About Me

Software engineer. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I spend most of my free time building and playing modular synthesizers.

Software Projects

Circular Polyrythm Sequencer

Github Repository

Web Polyrythm Sequencer

  • Allows you to create polyrythms using three musical sequencers.
  • Rendered in circles, illustrating the interplay between the notes.
  • Built with React, Redux, and Tone.js.
Sequencer screenshot


GitHub Repository

Kickstarter for local music shows, allowing users to commit to local potential events and bands to propose events across the country.

  • Designed frontend using balsamiq, bootstrap, React, and Redux.
  • Designed back-end server routes in Express and Sequelize to deliver information to the client application.
  • Designed API, SQL schema, and data storage framework to store data for both users and bands.
JobSerum Dashboard - Small


GitHub Repository

Lightweight CRM-style Job Application Tracking Software.

  • Built modular front-end views with React for dynamic rendering of front-end.
  • Designed API requests to interact with a custom RESTful API
  • Integrated stack using Axios for frontend API requests, Node, and Express for serving backend routes and the client.
  • Resolved merge conflicts for a four-person team to integrate components.
JobSerum Dashboard - Small