I set up cheap and realiable hosting for this site through Amazon Web Service's Lightsail, which offers fairly cheap virtual private servers. The steps:

  • Sign up for a VPS through Amazon LightSail. I went for a Bitnami instance on the cheapest plan.
  • Select a static IP, then make sure that your domain provider (in my case, Google Domains), forwards your URl to the static IP.
  • Download the private key provided by Lightsail.
    brew cask install osxfuse
    brew install sshfs
    cp LightSailDefaultPrivateKey-us-...pem ~/.ssh/

You can then correctly set the permissions for the key (such that only you can read it) then log in to your Lightsail instance with the following SSH command

chmod 400 ~/.ssh/LightsailDefaultPrivateKey-us-...pem
ssh -i ~/.ssh/LightsailDefaultPrivateKey-us-...pem bitnami@www.tommy-york.com

And also then mount the remote server as a local OS X / fuse drive with this command:

sudo sshfs -o debug,sshfs_debug,loglevel=debug,allow_other,defer_permissions,IdentityFile=/Users/tyork/.ssh/LightsailDefaultPrivateKey-us...pem bitnami@www.tommy-york.com:/ /Users/tyork/Desktop/Lightsail/data

Note that this command has a debug commands enabled, which should allow you to easily troubleshoot. Note, however, that there's a lot of debug info that comes up.